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Our mission - Providing high quality aerial footage for all our clients' needs.

HebDrone provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV / Drone) solutions throughout the Western Isles, Outer Hebrides and the west coast of Scotland. Our pilots have years of experience in a variety of different applications, from Home Energy to Underwater Inspection, Survey and Construction.

We are based in Stornoway in the Isle of Lewis, Western Isles.

Some of our work includes: Aerial Photography and Aerial Cinematography, Commercial and Private Inspection Work and Building and Land Surveys. All work we carry out can be tailored to suit a client’s individual needs. 

All HebDrone pilots are fully certified and accredited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which means we have permission to operate safely and legally anywhere in the UK. HebDrone holds full insurance cover inc. public liability, something which is only obtainable after you have met the standards set out by the CAA.

CAA number UAV3320

We are members of the accredited trade association of remotely piloted aircraft systems, ARPAS-UK, the leading body in industry standards. And also members of the Drone Safe Register. We carry out intensive pre-deployment and onsite surveys to meet regulations and legislation set out by the CAA for all UAV operations.

Our operators also carry offshore certificates inc. BOSIET,(inc Norway escape) MIST, CA-EBS, and STCW certificates inc. Medical first aid, advanced fire fighting and PST.

If you have any queries or questions, or simply would like to know more about the services we can provide, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Ruaraidh Ferguson 07392 811 369

Conal Ferguson 07551 088 415




Safety statement

HebDrone operate within all the aerial services safety requirements necessary to abide by CAA legislation.  All HebDrone staff meets the required safety standard and are fully trained and qualified. All HebDrone aerial vehicles are maintained and serviced in line with manufacturers guidelines. Maintenance logs are always available for inspection. HebDrone are committed to providing a business which is safe for staff, clients and the public at large. We will achieve this by following all CAA regulations and any CAA permissions granted, following best safety practice and strictly adhering to safety guidelines. HebDrone have instigated a rigorous set of policy and procedure to ensure that all HebDrone personnel and equipment are fully prepared and serviceable prior to flying. This operations manual will form the boundaries and limitations of HebDrone’s business operations with all HebDrone employees using the manual as a basis for daily working practices.  HebDrone also recognise that further safety mitigation actions, above and beyond what is included in this operations manual, may be required and what is included in the manual may not be exhaustive, depending on future risk assessments. Safety is of paramount concern and will be the overriding priority in all HebDrone operations.